Monday, 21 October 2013

South to Yeppoon

The last few weeks have seen us leave the Whitsunday Islands and start travelling South again. We hopped down through a series of islands including Brampton, Curlew, Hunter and then into Island Head Creek before finally arriving at Great Keppel Island.

On the way to Brampton Island we finally got lucky with the fishing and hauled in a school mackerel. We had nearly landed one earlier in the day but it got off the hook right beside the boat. Just before arriving to anchor at Brampton we pulled in the line with a good size fish on the end.

Reeling in the big one!
The islands south of the Whitsundays had a remote feel after the busy scene in the Whitsundays. We had anchorages to ourselves and some nice sandy beaches to swim on. The tides here are big so we often encountered choppy seas, strong tidal races and overfalls that were at times a bit disconcerting and made for a bumpy and wet ride.
Beach and anchorage to ourselves at Hunter Island

In Island Head creek back on the mainland we watched bushfires burn in the surrounding hills while we waited for Southerly winds to abate. We did school and cranked up the Aratika bakery to pass the time.
The Aratika bakery at Island Head Creek

Fire at Island Head Creek
At last we got a break to head South again and sailed to Great Keppel Island where we enjoyed the crystal clear waters, great walks, sandhills and beautiful beaches.
Great Keppel clear water
D'Arcy dives

Sandhill running
We are now in Yeppoon for a few days while Em is in Canberra for work and we restock the boat. Then it will be off Southwards again.

Kite flying at Yeppoon

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