Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wandering the Whitsundays

Fathers' day on Aratika 2 saw us enjoy a great run under spinnaker from Mackay up to Brampton Island. The girls baked a fantastic coconut and lemon cake (while dad had an afternoon snooze) which we all enjoyed for afternoon tea.
Aratika II under spinnaker (Thanks Al for the photo)

Fathers' Day Cake! 

With a 30kt + blow forecast for the rest of the week we had a quick sail up to Goldsmith Island where we anchored in a great protected bay and best of all we had the place to ourselves. We spent three days here getting schoolwork done in between swimming and playing on the beach and remained the only inhabitants throughout. That's if you don't count the resident turtles that popped up beside the boat during the day. The girls also enjoyed games on the boat and remodelled themselves as Sarong Superheroes.

Beach to ourselves at Goldsmith

Sarong Superheroes
The wind eased to 20kts by Friday so it was off towards Lindemann island again at a brisk pace with the wind and tide both in our favour. On arrival the anchorage looked particularly rolly so we elected to use the strong breeze and continue through to Cid Harbour. This was a nice anchorage but very crowded which is to be expected this time of year in the Whitsundays.

From Cid Harbour we were able to conquer Whitsunday Peak which was a great walk with excellent views that were a good reward for all the uphill. We set the crab pot again to no avail and eventually set off for for Stonehaven and Hook Island.
Whitsunday Peak
We have been snorkelling lots here at various locations and have enjoyed seeing some great coral and fish and even a few turtles while snorkelling.  The baking theme of the week has also continued with choc chip cookies and carrot cake being produced from the oven onboard. Emma has also taken to yoghurt making and after a sloppy start is now producing great fresh yoghurt for us.

Into the water

Snorkel Team

Local Colour
Life is good and there's lots more to see here in the 100 Magic Miles of islands.

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