Monday, 1 April 2013

Lazing on the Lake

Lake Macquarie was well worth a visit. Negotiating the bar and the channel into the lake could put people off but it was really no drama and well worth it. Once through the bridge and at the end of the long entrance channel we reached the "drop off" into the lake where depths were good throughout and the anchor stuck wherever we dropped it.

Through the bridge.

The lake is Australia's biggest coastal saltwater lake and is a big expanse of water. Lots of little bays and coves and a very nice island in the middle (Pulbah Is) which is a nature reserve. Most houses on the lake have a boat shed and jetty making for a great aquatic lifestyle.

Lake Macquarie shoreline
We made a direct course for Coal Point when we arrived and anchored off my Uncle and Aunt's house where we were met with overwhelming hospitality. We landed in force with two kids, bags of dirty washing and rubbish, all of which didn't seem to bother Bruce and Jill at all! The kids had a great time swimming in the pool and being spoilt rotten.
Anchorage right out the front of the house. 
We also ventured down to the South of the Lake to anchor at Emma's friends Pete and Corrie's house and had a lovely lunch while again the kids enjoyed a swim in the pool. We are now trying to explain to Ava and D'Arcy that not everyone we know lives on the water, with a pool and good anchorage!
A swim with Aratika 2 below.
Pulbah Island was a great anchorage and ashore the kids found swings and balance beams to play on.

Balance beam

Bush Swing

From here it was back to Coal Point and more time with Jill and Bruce. We ventured out to the most amazing public park we have visited with flying foxes, giant slides and all manner of other apparatus to keep kids, and parents, entertained.
Super Park

Once again the Easter Bunny was successful in reaching us at anchor as in previous years and the girls managed to overload on chocolate for the day on Sunday.

Despite imploring her Great Uncle and Aunt to adopt her so she could stay longer we tore D'Arcy away and this morning we sailed up to Port Stephens. It was a good trip though the winds were frustrating (10-15 kt Southerly became a 10kt northerly) and I got to dance on the foredeck for about 40 mins in the beam swell with a jammed spinnaker pole!

The entrance to Port Stephens is very scenic with peaks either side and steep rocky cliffs at the entrance. Famous for the resident dolphins we haven't been let down with a pod playing around the boat just after we pulled up in Shoal Bay.
Approaching Port Stephens

Through the Heads

So now we are looking forward to exploring Port Stephens for the next few days.

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