Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sydney Harbour Happenings

We've been on the move a bit lately. First it was up the Harbour to Manly where we anchored for the night and did some shopping. Nice little beach at the anchorage which is also a little penguin nesting site. With forecast strong SW winds and our desire to leave the boat while we caught up with various people we moved the next day into Middle Harbour.

It was fun going through the Spit Bridge and having it open for us as all the vehicle traffic stopped. We then wound our way up through Middle Harbour to the very quiet and picturesque Long Bay and the Cammeray Marina. Here we picked up a mooring surrounded by amazing waterfront homes built on the vertical terrain around the bay. The Marina was great with hot showers and very friendly people and was only a short dinghy ride from our mooring.
Through The Spit bridge

Sunrise on a calm Middle Harbour

Cammeray Marina nestled in amongst the houses
First stop for us was the Botanic Gardens where we caught up with all of Emma's family for a really great picnic. A short bus ride into town and a ferry and bus home via Neutral Bay were also fun for the girls. The 197 steps from the Marina up to the street were not so fun. The next day we went to Collaroy Beach to visit friends Jo, Charles, Jamie and Alex in their beautiful and friendly house on the beach. Of course not only did they get to have us over for lunch they also got to have us do our laundry while we ate!

The Nicholsons and their offspring in the Botanic Gardens
In the big smoke
Once the weather died down we left Middle Harbour on Tuesday and had a great sail under spinnaker up the coast to the Hawkesbury River. It was nice to pick up a public mooring last night surrounded by national park and only a few other boats. This morning we woke to silence save the local bird calls and are looking forward to some walks and relaxation for a few days while Northerlies set in and slow our progress up the coast, we're in no hurry.
Em helms as the Spinnaker powers us North

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  1. Hey Aratika!
    Your posts are great. We're getting a good feel for whats happening at the moment and it looks like you are all getting into the swing of things!
    When do you reckon you'll be pushing up north? we've been looking at the weather and we can understand totally why you're in no hurry!
    Love to all the crew on the good ship Aratika from the crew of the (empty) ship Triddar....