Monday, 25 February 2013

Cows, Caves and Crumble

Cows and Caves made a great change for us for a few days last week. We really enjoyed our time on the farm with Karen and Herb and the girls loved playing with the dogs, helping round up the cows to be checked and treated for eye problems, riding on the quad bikes, catching yabbies in the dam, picking blackberries and best of all eating grandma's blackberry crumble.

In the thick of it picking berries with Grandma's crumble as an incentive! 
Em and D'Arcy help get the cows into the yards
Ava with the catch of the day

While in the area we also did a great day trip to visit Jenolan Caves. The underground formations were amazing. The girls really enjoyed hearing all about the way the caves formed, stalactites, stalagmites and underground rivers.

Intrepid Cavers

Amazing inside the caves

While we are on the boat I'm usually checking the weather forecast regularly (Em may even say a little too regularly!!) but this week I didn't show much interest. That is until I realised that NSW was being battered by a huge East coast low and felt glad to be a fair way inland, though a bit worried about how the boat was.

We returned to the boat by bus and train on Saturday (We had to check D'Arcy's bag as we left to make sure she hadn't hidden one of the dogs inside) and it was quite windy and wet but all was well aboard. That night a short but very sharp storm came through at about 1am with torrential rain, lightning and wind that really pushed us around in our berth in Gunnamatta Bay and even broke an aluminium pole on our boom tent. A good night to be tied up in the bay I think. Many others up and down the coast were not so lucky with much flooding and damage to houses.

This week we have headed South by road to Canberra  (while strong northerlies continue on the coast) and again look forward to time with friends and seeing the sights while Em also works Tuesday to Friday.

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